Kimikiss Pure Rouge

I’m kind of new to these genre’s but so far I’m enjoying them, they are hard for me to review though so bear with me! Kimikiss Pure Rouge is a romance based anime that has a school setting and a lot of drama. It follows the life of two male high school teenagers and the people that surround them. The story is simply about love really and how it’s sometimes hard to see, especially around the people we are closest too.

Kimikiss’s two male leads are Sanada Kouichi and Aihara Kazuki. Sanada is a kind, quite, and shy person where Aihara is a more outgoing and athletic type person. They are both best friends and get along really well. Throughout Kimikiss’s story they are chasing girls that they like and getting chased after by girls who like them and that just really keeps the story going. One of the best thing about Kimikiss are the characters, they all feel so well made, they all have a deep meaning and part it feels like and brings the story together in a  seamless fashion.

The art and sound in Kimikiss were done very well in my opinion. Some may not like the art style because it is different from most anime’s,  but I thought it fit the story. The sound was good there wasn’t much not to like except they could have changed the OP and ED half way through or something for a nice change of scenery.

I enjoyed this anime, it won’t be in my top 10 list, but it was a nice relaxing watch. I think my favorite part of the anime was watching the characters develop and change. I would recommend this anime to anyone who is interested in trying a romance themed anime, especially if you are new to them, you won’t regret it it’s a good watch. 🙂


Story: 7
Characters: 8
Art: 6
Sound: 6
Enjoyment: 7
Overall: 7



~ by isolatedanimecombatants on November 21, 2011.

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