First I would like to apologize for my very long absence. I got caught up in gaming again and just didn’t feel like posting reviews or anything. On the bright side I am now out of gaming (at least of Aion) and am focusing on watching anime again so look forward to more reviews! Anyways onto the review:

Kannagi is about a boy named Jin who is pretty much just a normal boy, with the exception that he can sometimes see things that other people can’t. His life quickly turns unexpectedly though when he carves a statue out of a log from an “Ancient Tree” from a nearby shrine. When he finishes and takes it outside it starts to absorb the earth around it and out comes a girl who calls herself Nagi. Nagi is no normal girl however, she says she is a god though she doesn’t quite remember what god she is. At first she is very upset that her ancient tree was cut down and goes out to clean impurities which she claims have come from the tree that was cut down, however she seems to be quite weak and needs Jin’s help to destroy them. Jin soon finds himself living with a girl that appears to be his age and is quite nieve about the current world.

Kannagi is a Comedy really, but it also has a strong plot, they just don’t seem to like to develop it very fast. When they do decide to develop the plot this anime is amazing, when they decide to focus on the comedy it is mediocre. I really love the art in it, it’s beautiful, especially Nagi <3. The opening and ending are also very enjoyable and fun to listen to.

I really don’t have much else to say about it. I loved it really, but  wish they focused on the plot more or had more episodes. I loved the supernatural part about it and the way it developed but the ending was quite disappointing. I actually went and looked up the manga and read that after I watched the anime. The manga is very good and I would recommend reading it, it’s still ongoing and not near done, so hopefully there will be another season of Kannagi eventually.


Story: 7
Characters: 8
Art: 9
Sound: 8
Enjoyment: 7
Overall: 7.8



~ by isolatedanimecombatants on January 28, 2012.

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