Alarisia’s Introduction + Top 5 Favorite Anime’s

Hello everyone! I’m Alarisia and unlike Rakdos I have only been watching Anime for about 2 years at the most now. I have also just recently started reading a little manga here and there. The first anime I watched was technically Naruto on Cartoon Network, though I had no clue that’s what it was at the time (I was only around 13). A couple years after that I had a friend introduce me into anime, or try too, I watched a little then went back to playing my video games and such. About a year after that I got pretty bored during the summer and decided I would start up Naruto again. I then went on a Naruto marathon watching all of the original 220 episodes of the Naruto series. Once I finished that I just kinda just kept going, watching anime off and on. I went from Naruto to Spice and Wolf, in which was what my friend had first recommended to me, then I watched Vampire Knight, Clannad, Hayate no Gotoku!, and well after that it’s kind of all a blur… I slowly came to love anime, watching it more and more frequently, and becoming slightly obsessed I suppose. Well as of now I have watched and finished around 45 anime’s I think, possibly more. It seems like a lot to me but Rakdos still just laughs at me, like I’m still a complete amateur. I’m pretty open minded, I have watched some of pretty much everything I think. Feel free to recommend something to me, I will most likely give it a try!

OK so now I guess I will do my Top 5 Favorite Anime’s sense Rakdos insisted that I do so –

1. Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica – Well I know Rakdos is going to really make fun of me about this one, but I just recently watched this, and I thought it was amazing. The twist in the story that happens around the middle of the anime is probably the main reason this is number one for me. I really love twists and this one was done extremely well. Plus the story is just plain touching in the end, it just makes you want to love it.

2. Death Note – I absolutely loved this anime. Probably the main reason was because the main character’s personality reminded me of me. I know it’s sad but it felt like we thought so much alike. The only reason this is number 2 for me would be because he loses in the end… Plus it really ticked me off that it was a kid that beat him.

3. Angel Beats – This anime just really seemed to have it all. It had good action scenes, great comedy, and some great drama scenes that just cut you to pieces. The way they slowly filled in the puzzle pieces in this anime was really amazing. All the characters had back story’s that are slowly revealed. The ending of this anime, is probably my favorite out of all the anime’s I have ever watched. When they unveil the ending everything just makes sense.

4. Code Geass – When I first started watching Code Geass I didn’t really think I would like it because of the whole futuristic theme it had, I quickly came to love it though. It really reminded me of Death Note, because the main character was trying to change the world with the new power he had obtained. The twists in this anime were really good also you were always thinking, it made you question your morality also, very much like Death Note.

5. Darker Than Black – This anime seems to be less known to the general public, but I really came to enjoy it. I thought the entire story was just thought out extremely well. It’s plot seemed so original to me I guess, maybe it isn’t but the way they did it was really cool in my opinion. They kept you guessing the entire time and the main character was just impossible not to like. It also had a ton of action which I absolutely loved, it was a very exciting show to watch.

Well those are my top 5, I think at least, that was much harder to do than I had expected. I spent half the time swapping them all around. There are a lot of others that almost made the list such as Bakemonogatari, Eden of the East, Clannad, Shakugan no Shana, Vampire Knight, and Elfen Lied.

PS – Oh and if you couldn’t tell by my top 5, I’ll mention that most of the anime’s I watch tend to be more recent. I haven’t attempted yet to delve to far into the past of Anime yet. When I do I’ll be sure to do a review on what I think of them as well, because I know a lot of them are supposed to be very good!




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