Naruto x UT

Ok so I know it’s funny but my first review is going to be on a recent Naruto OVA special I came across. Naruto x UT was released on Jan 1, 2011, in Japan. People actually got it through buying  UNIQLO’s Naruto graphic T-shirts online or in stores, or so I’m told by MAL. Anyway’s I just recently got my hands on it and checked it out and wow was I surprised. It was an amazing OVA for one, in it were a lot of the best moments from Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden, mostly having to do with the intricate relationship between Naruto and Sasuke. From what I could tell all of the animation was completely redone to look much better, especially the parts from the original version of Naruto. The real surprise though was the beginning and the end. They both had to do with the future of Naruto and Sasuke, at least from what I saw. If you have read the manga you will probably understand most of it, though the scene is not even in the manga yet. It could be quite a while until it is too. It basically had to do with Naruto and Sasuke having another one of their epic battles, like the one in the original series that happened at the Valley of Death. I personally would highly recommend watching this, it is a must for any fan of Naruto new or old, it gives very exciting insight to what is to come in the series!



~ by isolatedanimecombatants on May 25, 2011.

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